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Private Practice

December 28, 2011

How many blogs have I started?

Only to leave them to the wind, dusted letters on old screens.
Alas, I’m trying again. I need an outlet for my ANYTHINGS.
I need a place to put my any-thoughts into the universe.

Recently I have been watching a TV series on Netflix called  Private Practice – another medical drama spurred off from Grey’s Anatomy. Although I know that the medical world is not exactly like this. And my excitement for medical school does not come from watching silly shows like this, where I get wrapped up in the characters and cry during almost every show…but still, I love it. It keeps me going.

Why do I get so wrapped up in the worlds of others but can’t face my own life.
And when I do…face it. When I face it all, the only thing I see is his face.

It’s been a year since love. Since relationships. But the time to hesitate is through.


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